Sarah Lassally

Phone: 022 1845123

MNZAC and DAPANNZ registered

I provide counselling and support for individuals and couples, creating a space to explore how to clear the obstacles to happiness. I am a Psychosynthesis trained counsellor. Psychosynthesis aims to help people to find meaning and purpose in life as an anchor to weather life’s storms, and as a means of engaging one’s will to create change and move towards desired outcomes. My personal philosophy is that since most of our wounding occurs in relationship, there is the potential to heal that wounding within the counselling relationship. I support people to develop distress tolerance and emotional resilience to prevent overwhelm that can occur when facing life’s challenges.

I welcome dream work, as I believe this is useful way to access our unconscious and the issues that are trying to get our attention.

I work with couples using the Imago model. The Imago dialogue introduces a structured way to communicate with our partners, slowing down the process and creating safety, whilst opening up the possibility for greater understanding and empathy for the different perspectives held by each partner. I specialise in working with couples where one or both partners are in recovery from addiction.

In addition, I have a background in midwifery, mental health, and child protection. I have specialised knowledge of addiction and work as a consultant counsellor at Higher Ground Drug and Alcohol Rehab. I have extensive knowledge of family violence and work in this field in a voluntary capacity.  I work with people with a range of presenting issues including trauma, sexual abuse, family violence, addiction, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, grief and loss, including losing one’s way in life.

I provide short and long term counselling and can support clients to access WINZ funding if eligible.