Lesley Brokenshire

Phone: 021 1090 317

Registered Psychotherapist (PBANZ)
Dip. Teaching
Dip. E.H.C.
Grad. Dip Psychotherapy (AUT)

Member NZ Assoc. Psychotherapists New Zealand
Northern Regional Supervisors Group (NZAP)
Member International Assoc. Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

As a psychotherapist and counsellor of twenty years I offer short and long term psychotherapy for people who are suffering from many causes including grief and loss and the effects of abuse and trauma.
My background is in working in education and community settings. I am experienced in group work.
I offer individual and group supervision: my supervision experience includes supervising psychotherapists, counsellors, allied health professionals, managers and educators.
My speciality areas are in understanding and working with the effects of adoption, childhood trauma and the effects of intergenerational transmission of trauma.
I offer a safe private comfortable space for people to work with me to share their story and troubles, to understand themselves and their relationships more fully, and to enable different life choices and to develop new ways of living.

Sarah Lassally

Phone: 022 1845123

MNZAC and DAPANNZ registered

I provide counselling and support for individuals and couples, creating a space to explore how to clear the obstacles to happiness. I am Psychosynthesis trained counsellor. Psychosynthesis aims to help people to find meaning and purpose in life as an anchor to weather life’s storms, and as a means of engaging one’s will to create change and move towards desired outcomes. My personal philosophy is that since most of our wounding occurs in relationship, there is the potential to heal that wounding within the counselling relationship. I support people to develop distress tolerance and emotional resilience to prevent overwhelm that can occur when facing life’s challenges.

I welcome dream work, as I believe this is useful way to access our unconscious and the issues that are trying to get our attention.

I work with couples using the Imago model. The Imago dialogue introduces a structured way to communicate with our partners, slowing down the process and creating safety, whilst opening up the possibility for greater understanding and empathy for the different perspectives held by each partner.

In addition, I have a background in midwifery, mental health, and child protection. I have specialised knowledge of addiction and work part time at Higher Ground Drug and Alcohol Rehab. I have extensive knowledge of family violence and work in this field in a voluntary capacity.  I work with people with a range of presenting issues including trauma, sexual abuse, family violence, addiction, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, grief and loss, including losing one’s way in life.

I provide short and long term counselling and can support clients to access WINZ funding if eligible.

Verity Armstrong

Phone: 021 027 01644

Registered Psychotherapist
MHSc (Hons) Psych
ACC Registered

 He aha te mea nui o te ao?
What is the most important thing in the world?
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.
It is the people, it is the people, it is the people.

 I think of therapy as an opportunity to explore the underlying reasons for some of the difficulties we can experience throughout our lives. The process of this exploration can provide personal development as well as relief from painful symptoms.

I am a Kai Tahu, Mackintosh and Armstrong woman who has explored the impact of colonisation on my whanau and am interested in working with others on their whakapapa journey.

I have experience of working with trauma, grief, sexual abuse, relationship difficulties, depression and anxiety.  I also have a special interest in sex, love and relationships, and welcome referrals from people wishing to explore these parts of themselves and their lives.

Anne Scott

Phone: 021 159 7295

Registered Counsellor
MEd(counselling); B.Soc Sci; Dip Tchg
Member of NZ Association of Counsellors

Life can present us with difficult, painful or challenging situations. Most of the time, we have the personal resources or the right support to deal with these problems, but sometimes we need more. At these times, counselling can be very helpful. You can gain a better understanding of the basis of your distress, get some distance from the issue and different perspectives. Counselling can also help you to identify what the obstacles are and help you to envision what a better outcome might look like. It can empower you to make positive changes in your life, if that is what you wish, understand yourself better, teach you new strategies and help you recognise and appreciate your strengths.

My approach
I like to work from a strengths-based perspective and work collaboratively with people so that we focus on your priorities. I work hard to create a safe, supportive counselling environment and actively seek feedback from you to ensure that your needs are being met. I am interested in helping people work through problems that are holding them back from fully engaging with life. I work from a client-centred, eclectic framework, primarily working from a solution-focussed and cognitive behavioural approach.

My Background
I have a Masters’ degree in Counselling from the University of Auckland and have worked there for 16 years counselling students of varied ages and ethnicities. The main presenting issues have been depression, anxiety, relationship issues, grief, loss, abuse and family concerns. Prior to this, I have worked in agencies specialising in sexual abuse and family related issues.
My special interest recently has been mild to moderate depression and I have run a 6-week group focussing on ‘Depression – practical strategies for Personal Change’.
I am also interested in helping people reach their potential, especially helping to reduce the effects of past abuse and trauma on their current life, helping them grow in self-esteem and build connections with others.

Rick Cusack


Registered Psychotherapist
MA Applied (Social Work)
Grad Dip Psychotherapy

I have worked as a counsellor , psychotherapist and group facilitator for the last 14 years mainly in health and tertiary education centres. Always mindful of each person’s individuality. I work with modern psychodynamic practice integrating some cognitive –behavioural therapy. My experience is that relationship is the foundation of our work. I have experience with: health related issues, depression and anxiety, sexuality issues, addictions, recovery from trauma and grief.

Dr Renske van den Brink

Phone: (09) 216 8424

Dip Counselling (Psychosynthesis)
New Zealand Association of Counselling

Renske has moved premises as of January 20th 2020. She is now located at Community Spaces, 47 Ventura Block, Farm Rd, Mt Albert 1051

Renske graduated from Auckland Medical School in 1990 and has spent most of her medical career in general practice. In 2002 she graduated with a Diploma in Counselling using the Psychosynthesis model which now supports her work as a Counsellor and MindBody therapist in her private practice at The Bungalow.The model Renske uses is based on her Psychosynthesis Counselling training, mindfulness meditation, and her study on the AUT MindBody Healthcare programme.

“Exploring the meaning of our symptoms can be a helpful way to give a voice to our vulnerability, with a view to making positive change in our lives. Although there is seldom a ‘single cause’ for illness, exploring the connection between the mind and the body can be the one part that we can usefully do something about.”

Renske commonly works with a wide range of physical conditions including auto-immune conditions, sexual difficulties, chronic fatigue, pain, digestive problems, allergies, and frequent illness. She also works with people experiencing depression, anxiety, eating difficulties, relationship challenges and negotiating life crises. Renske also supervises Doctors and other health professionals, and she leads 2 regular Balint Supervision groups.

Dr Helen Florence

Phone: (09) 629 2199 / 027 4552958

Registered Psychotherapist

Sometimes two heads are better than one in making sense of difficulties. I am an experienced psychotherapist and counsellor, able to help you become more aware of what may be keeping you stuck, causing distress and conflict, or not living life the way that you would like, so that you are enabled to live with greater insight, freedom and intentionality.

I work with adults, from a psychodynamic perspective, using CBT and DBT strategies where needed, to change patterns of  behaviour, thoughts, emotions and ways of relating, which get in the way of living well. I have experience working with a wide range of life issues such as: relationships, sexual trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, self-esteem, confidence and life changes. I have a special interest in religious or spiritual matters and have completed a PhD in this area.

Nisarg Anna Dey
nisarg dey

Phone: 027 807 6564

Masters in Counselling (Hons)

Nisarg has a Masters in Counselling from The University of Auckland. In addition to her private practice she is a Senior Counsellor at the University of Auckland’s Health and Counselling Service. Nisarg has a client-centred integrative approach and utilises Solution Focussed, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Gestalt approaches. Nisarg has a special interest in group work and has developed a ‘Social Confidence Group’ at the university for students impacted by social anxiety where she also facilitates Mindfulness groups. She has worked for over 10 years with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, grief and loss, addiction and trauma.

“The Client-Centred and Gestalt approaches work towards helping clients develop a more integrated and whole ‘sense of self’. At the heart of Gestalt therapy is the belief that the more one tries to become who one is not, the more one stays the same. The more one tries to force oneself into a mould that does not fit, the more one is fragmented rather than whole. I value human diversity and am passionate about working within a holistic model and working with my clients to make meaning out of their difficulties and find their individual passion and purpose in life.

Nisarg abides by the ethics of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors.

Louise Embleton Tudor

Phone: 027 260 6174

Psychotherapist (Reg. PBANZ)
Waka Oranga (Assoc Mem)
Dip. Tchg. CSSD (London UK)
Dip Psychotherapy, Minster Centre (London, UK)
Dip. Biodynamic Mass. Chiron Centre for Holistic Psychotherapy, (London UK)

My commitment is
– to seeking understanding of  your unique nature, and whatever is significant in your life.
– to acknowledge your strengths and your integrity, alongside whatever brings you to psychotherapy.
– to working actively with you in order to discover and to address whatever is preventing the achievement of your aspirations or goals, or of leading a life which you find fulfilling and meaningful in all respects.
– to address expressions of dis-ease or un-ease; emotional and physical.

 My clinical experience is
– over 25 years of offering long-term and short-term psychotherapy to individuals and couples, from diverse backgrounds, presenting a wide range of personal, relationship, family or work-related issues.
– practice in private and public settings in the UK and Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Other contributions to the field include
– over 20 years of experience as a trained clinical supervisor of psychotherapists, psychotherapy students, health practitioners and others working in public and private settings in helping professions.
– co-authorship of a book and author of numerous book chapters and papers
– over 20 years of experience as a trainer/facilitator of psychotherapists to Masters Level

My approach is informed by:
– affective neuroscience, MindBody approaches, the person-centred approach, psychodynamic theory and attachment theory.

I welcome enquiries from prospective clients and supervisees.